CoMo Source Download

CoMo is open source and is released under terms of the BSD License*. CoMo has been tested to run under Linux 2.4.x, 2.6.x, FreeBSD 4.x and 5.x with gcc 2.9.5 to 4.0.1. It also runs under Microsoft Windows under Cygwin environment and Mac OS X. CoMo v1.5 requires CMake 2.2-patch 3 or higher to compile (visit for more information on cmake).

Latest Release

File Checksum Size (bytes)   Release Date
como-1.5.tar.gz MD5 428,449 February 10, 2008

In order to install CoMo follow these steps:

# tar -xvzf como-1.5.tar.gz
# cd como-1.5
# make
# make install

This will install the CoMo binary, the plug-in modules and the man page. An example configuration file is created in "/usr/local/como/etc/como/como.conf"

Earlier Releases

File Checksum Size (bytes)   Release Date
como-1.0.tar.gz MD5 350,640 May 14, 2006
como-0.5.tar.gz MD5 297,832 December 18, 2005
como-0.4.tar.gz MD5 131,898 June 19, 2005
como-0.3.tar.gz MD5 121,576 June 1, 2005
como-0.2.tar.gz MD5 81,115 January 15, 2005
como-0.1.tar.gz MD5 725,348 September 30, 2004